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Thursday, 2 April 2015

The Passion of the Christ | Ciro's art renditions


Yesterday, I was looking around for some Arte Sacra (Sacred Art) made by Ciro just in time for the celebration of the Holy week. I was intending to find crosses and the like but I was surprised to have stumbled upon a set of artworks titled Passione di Christo (Passion of the Christ).

Finding these photos in the archives felt like digging a treasure chest :)

In this set of artworks, Ciro told me that he wanted to depict Christ's passion by using zappe (hoes). These agricultural tools, combined with nails, wires, bolts, washers, and others; effectively depicts that which Jesus went through.

You may scroll through these photos and share them to your friends to set the atmosphere of solemnity in this season of Lent.

Have a solemn and reflective celebration of Lent everyone.