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Friday, 27 February 2015

Time Travel to 1987 - A Supernova

Fun Facts:
  • Micheal Jackson released an album with the popular single "BAD".
  • Alexander James Murphy introduced himself to the world as ROBOCOP.
  • Hillary Duff was born.
  • Whitney Houston made the world giggle with "I wanna dance with somebody".
  • THE SIMPSONS was first seen on TV.
  • Disposable Contact Lenses became available for commercial distribution.
  • A Supernova is observed, the first "naked-eye" supernova since 1604.
  • The World's Population reaches approximately five billion (5,000,000,000) 
  • I was born (Hooray!)
  • Ciro was in  Desenzano Del Garda.
  • Men and Women in the west looked like this:
Fashion Clothing From 1987I guess the progression of the list caught you off guard, yes, the third to the last event was one of the most important. (I was born). Lol.

The world was moving through a transition in technology to get most of the finer things in life. In the Philippines, it was also an interesting period. It was a year after the fall of a dictatorship.

So what's the segue?
I bet you figured, hahaha!

Well, allow me to take you back to 1987 through the lenses of the artworks that Ciro did during that time.

Indeed, he was contributing a lot to the preservation of fine art, that is, on 1987 he had a mostra (exhibit) in the beautiful coastal city of Desenzano in Lombardy, Italy.

In this post, I will show you never-before-seen photos (a familiar phrase circus hosts say, sorry I had to write that, it creates some sort of flavor. hahaha!) of Ciro along with Chiara Lubich (Founder of the Focolare Movement) in Desenzano.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

An Art Appetizer

Have you seen something like this before?

La Scarpata di Ciro (Roberto Cipollone)
La Scarpata by Ciro

Yah, really cool right?

If you have a fancy for shoes, you would easily notice that the base of this artwork called "La Scarpata" is an old Forma de La Scarpa (Shoe Last) used in shoemaking. On top of that, Ciro created a Paessaggio (Landscape) using teracota (clay).

First time I saw this, I was really blown away. For a year, I have been working together with shoemakers in Carcar, Cebu and shoe lasts like this were common to my eyes and 'lo and behold, someone uses this material for another purpose: Art.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Frequently Asked Question - What is this blog about?

I owe you an introduction of myself.

I am Edward.
Rome & Me

I just survived the onslaught of a Supertyphoon, Haiyan, in my home city ,Tacloban City, Philippines last 2013. Months later after that, I was invited to spend a year of study in Italy - meet people of different cultures and learn more about Ecumenism and the emerging Economy of Communion.

Five months since September (2014), I am now fortunate to be working side-by-side as an apprentice with the very interesting Artist: "Ciro". (Pronounced as 'Chee-Roh').

Am I an artist too? No.
Have I attended an Art School before? Nope. Most that I know about art, I took from Disney's "ART ATTACK". Lol.

Indeed, after Supertyphoon Haiyan wrecked our city in the Philippines, art descended down to the bottom of my priority list in life. I saw a city stripped naked, bent, butchered, destroyed, devastated, made ugly.

But upon arriving here in Italy, meeting Ciro became a rediscovery how art moves the soul into a certain dimension that breathes happiness and wonder, curiosity and madness, excitement and frustration - a steadfast feeling of being human, of being alive.