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Thursday, 14 May 2015

heART for Nepal | Artworks to help Nepal Earthquake Survivors

The recent news of the 7.8 Magnitude earthquake that shook Nepal to its knees felt like a deja vu of the ferocity that Supertyphoon Haiyan brought to the Philippines on November 8, 2013. For me, tears brimmed in my eyes.

As we saw the online coverage of various news groups we were urged to think of something to do - to help.The aftershocks and aftermath of this natural catastrophe has rendered death tolls rising up to more than 7,000.Hundreds and thousands of houses and establishments were destroyed across many districts in the country. Literally flattening villages near the epicenter of the earthquake.Transportation and utilities are disrupted, thus life for the citizens are currently challenging.

So this is our proposal: LET US HELP THEM.

Compelled, I proposed to Ciro (Roberto Cipollone) if we could sell online a set of his artworks from which proceeds will be directly donated to the fund-raising endeavors of the youth from the Youth for A United World - Philippines. It is moving for us to know that Haiyan Survivors are now trying to pay it forward by taking action to help the victims of the Nepal Earthquake.

Ciro on the other hand, was willing to help so he allowed me to make a simple catalog of artworks that you can directly purchase online which will be called: “heART for Nepal”

We invite you to work  with us! Every share or tweet of this blogpost can give us more chances of reaching out to those who would like to purchase artworks and help at the same time the Nepalese community.

For every artwork purchased, we would be able to send money to provide food, water and clothing for the victims. Funds raised will be donated to Nepal through the Youth for a United World.

You may visit our gift shop by clicking this photo:

We would like to bring Art to homes and charity to each one’s heart :)