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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Insider's preview of La Bottega Di Ciro

Buon Giorno!

Today let me guide you to a mini-tour about the life inside the bottega (shop) of Ciro.

This place is really interesting because it houses a lot of Ciro's artworks and it is where his creative spirit pushes the imagination to the limit.

Ciro has perfected his craft through this small little house and people from all over the world, flock to the La Bottega di Ciro (The shop of Ciro) with eyes of wonder and curiosity.

The first day I arrived here, my head was turning 360 degrees, it was a visual feast. True enough,  I discover a new thing every single day that I stay here. Ciro has approximately created 16,000 unique artworks, up to date.

How did he do that? 
It makes me wonder as well, and I think that would be a good topic to write about in the blog posts that will follow.

So welcome, let's get inside the La Bottega Di Ciro!

La Bottega Di Roberto Ciro Cipollone covered in snow :)
La Bottega Di Ciro covered in snow :)


Here's the map to get to our location if you want to pay a visit:


This is how the Bottega (shop) looks like from the outside :)


And now let's get inside the bottega :)

In this small work area, Ciro shares to the world the profound message of art and it's capacity to satisfy a the souls craving for beauty, wonder and curiosity.

Every time a visitor comes in to the Bottega they leave with a sense of respect for little things that we take for granted like nature, proper waste disposal, recycling, beauty.

Ciro with visitors from Mexico, Spain and Philippines
Ciro with visitors from Mexico, Spain and Philippines

Indeed, Ciro has contributed a lot to show thousands of people that Art can be an avenue to recycle the usual junk materials that we throw away. :)

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Ci Vediamo!

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